Sense Traffic Pulse on Amazon AWS Cloud Edition


Sense Traffic Pulse allows the tracking of multiple moving objects (cars, trucks, people) within coherent motion regions. Sense Traffic Pulse an event-based solution that analyzes video feeds to provide alerts for security staff in real time. Sense Traffic Pulse – Intelligent Video Analytic supports activity search, cross-correlation and trend analysis enabling the efficient analysis of video footage both in real time and for investigations.

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Sense Traffic Pulse is our Intelligent Video Analytic application designed for detecting, analyzing, counting and tracking multiple moving objects in crowded environments.

Technology based on Coherent Motion Region detection for crowded motion. Typical applications are found in the areas of retail, security, surveillance and safety process

automation, and life- and behavioral sciences.  Sense Traffic Pulse can support or replace human operators in a variety of visual monitoring and tracking tasks.

Autosnap vehicles as they pass along for searching and indexing






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