On Demand Intelligent Video Analytics 

Dace IT is an Independent Software Vendor and Managed Cloud Service Provider of business intelligence and cyber-security solutions for industry. Our On-Demand Cloud Marketplace features Test Drives for Intelligent Video Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Security & Surveillance solutions.

Get Big Data from Live and Recorded Security Video

Powered by, Computer Vision  Dace IT’s On Demand Intelligent Video Analytics solutions deliver cost-effective, scale-able and rapid-to-deploy video content analysis portals which turn video into a gold mine of big data.

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) also referred to as Video Content Analysis (VCA) and Video Analytics (VA). IVA automatically analyzes the video stream and extracts meta data or useful information from images such as counting objects, colors, sizes and speeds. The typical applications are video motion detection, video pattern matching and auto tracking.In today’s world of increase security and surveillance video cameras are increasingly used to watch broader areas within public and private facilities closely.

Today’s IP technology enables building open, reliable and scale-able surveillance systems. While video data is increasing, one person can only watch a limited amount of video data. People quickly lose their ability to concentrate and suspicious movements on the screen are frequently overlooked. Intelligent Video Analytics works 24 hours a day improving surveillance accuracy and effectiveness.Reviewing hours of video from dozen of cameras was hard, labor-intensive and time-consuming work. Now, Intelligent Video quickly analyzes tremendous amounts of video data.


Other ways to use Intelligent Video Analytics on demand is to utilize the video meta data for business intelligence

Intelligent Video is clearly useful for surveillance and business but was expensive and complicated due to requiring high-performance servers and dedicated software.

Our, On Demand Intelligent Video Analytic offerings are cost-effective, rapid-to-deploy intelligent video analytic solutions based on patented computer vision algorithms and software.  Powered by field-proven image processing technology and search capabilities turns that video data into a gold mine for business insight. Customer behavior recorded on video contains valuable information beyond security and forensics and can be utilized for improving marketing effectiveness, store operations, building layout designs, traffic patterns, safety and more.

Dace IT has the knowledge and expertise to deploy these solutions in cloud ready subscriptions provisioning bare metal and virtual machine instances in minimum time!

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