About Us

Who are we

Dace IT LLC is a software development company offering Sense Traffic Pulse an Intelligent Video Analytic solution that allow entities to get big data from security cameras live and recorded network video.

Headquartered in Duluth, GA and with offices worldwide, Dace IT is a leader in On demand intelligent video analytics software.  Dace IT also provides a comprehensive line of cyber security and ip surveillance video solutions.

Our patented algorithm is best utilized for detecting and analyzing multiple moving objects in crowded environments. Our proprietary online and on-demand intelligent video analytic solutions as well as our experience and know-how enables organizations to implement maximum-performance intelligent video analytics and capture the big data from their cctv systems in minimum time.

Our patented intelligent video analytic solutions identifies events, attributes or patterns of behavior through video analysis of monitored environments. Our on-demand intelligent video analytic solutions can interface with the leading cctv security video management software and ip camera vendors including Genetec, Milestone, Axis Communications, Bosch, Pelco, Sony and others. Combined with IBM Middleware for Large Scale Surveillance software allows scalingon Amazon AWS and IBM Softlayer clouds.

Dace IT is an IBM Business Partner, a member of Axis Communication Applications Development Program and  Application Development Partner developing Sense Traffic Pulse to run on mobile devices.

Our Mission

  • To partner with the worlds leading camera manufacturers and software vendors enabling the Sense Traffic Pulse brand “The Worlds choice for Intelligent Video Analytics”.
  • To develop our Sense Traffic Pulse offering as “The best solution for Intelligent Video Analytics”.
  • To deliver our Intelligent Video Analytics applications at competitive prices.
  • To use Social Media to keep clients informed.
  • To respond to our customers promptly.