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Sense Traffic Pulse is a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy intelligent video solution based on our patented IVA algorithm, software and partnered solutions featuring field-proven image processing technology and security cameras to change that video data to a gold mine for business. Customer behavior is recorded on the video and contains valuable information for improving marketing effectiveness, store operations, building layout designs, traffic patterns and more.

This application is powered by computer-vision software based on a patented coherent motion regions algorithm and field-proven image processing technology that extracts video metadata.

This application can provide users a gold mine of hidden insights and delivers cost-effective, scale-able and rapid-to-deploy video content datasets.  These datasets can be trained, deployed and launched on the Google Cloud Platform.

Objects recorded on video contains valuable information for improving marketing effectiveness, store operations, building layout designs, traffic patterns and more. Sense Traffic Pulse allows for tracking of multiple moving objects (cars, trucks, people, animals, etc.) within coherent motion regions. The captured metadata supports activity search, cross-correlation and trend analysis enabling the efficient analysis of video for investigations.

This event-based solution analyzes recorded or live video to provide valuable information to Law enforcement, security staff, emergency personnel, First responders, Line-of-Business managers and sharing on social media. Reviewing hours of video from dozen of cameras was hard, labor-intensive and time-consuming work. Now, Intelligent Video quickly analyzes a large amount of video data. Intelligent Video is clearly useful for surveillance and business but was expensive and complicated due to requiring high-performance servers and dedicated software.

See how our FREE Seventy two (72) hours Test Drive can provide invaluable, real-time information about live and recorded video incidents.

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Use Intelligent Video Analytics to turn video metadata into train datasets for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep learning applications

Sense Traffic Pulse is a On-demand Intelligent Video Analytic application designed for detecting, analyzing, counting and tracking multiple moving objects in crowded environments.

Technology based on Coherent Motion Region detection for crowded motion. Typical applications are found in the areas of retail, security, surveillance and safety process automation, and life-and-behavioral sciences.  Sense Traffic Pulse can support or replace human operators in a variety of visual monitoring and tracking tasks.

Autosnap vehicles as they pass along for searching and indexing


Watch and learn from these short demos on how to operate:


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    This short video shows how to launch the program and save time in learning how to do simple object tracking.

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