ORiGAMI, an open-science medical hypothesis generation tool for semantic, logical, and statistical
reasoning with unstructured Big Data. ORiGAMI is both a web-service and an application programming interface (API)
available at It has been in various publications, including the Washington Post – In the
‘ultimate?whodunit,’?sleuthing?doctors?piece?together?historical?deaths, February 8, 2016.

· Designed and developed as an advanced algorithm web-based data discovery tool that can interactively find
meaningful relationships in 70 million data nuggets from the National Library of Medicine.

Origami is also available for other vision and big data applications as well. And, now integated with the Google Cloud Platform this hypothesis generation tool utilizes compute, AI and AutoML creates powerful Ai solutions for a broad range of industry including, healthcare, security, marketing and more.


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