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Coudy Ready Intelligent Video Analytics

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Features of Intelligent Video Analytics

Our Intelligent Video Analytics provides an open and extensible analytic framework for developing event-based video surveillance applications that can be used to enhance physical security and increase the productivity of public safety operations.

Intelligent Video Analytics version 1.6 supports the following features and capabilities:

Integrated video management

Intelligent Video Analytics can be integrated with your existing cameras network and video management systems (VMS). Intelligent Video Analyticsexamines each frame of video, extracts information about events in that video, and stores it as metadata into a database for future reference. In addition, it is able to incorporate data from other sources.

Real-time video analytics
Intelligent Video Analytics analyzes real-time and recorded video streams of monitored environments, generating video metadata about moving objects or events, which provides invaluable information to law enforcement or first responders. Intelligent Video Analytics provides real-time alerting about an incident in progress for predefined behaviors of people, vehicles, and objects. The software can identify perimeter breaches, abandoned objects, objects that are removed, people movement and vehicle activity. You can enhance the vehicle search and alert capabilities by integrating Intelligent Video Analytics with the ELSAG Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution.
Video metadata indexing and search
Intelligent Video Analytics has rich content-based indexing and advanced search capabilities for the efficient analysis of video footage both in real time and in future investigation. Intelligent Video Analytics can create an index that can be searched, analyzed, and correlated in seconds. This approach allows for real-time alerts and the rapid searching of hundreds of millions of past events to identify specific incidents and patterns.
Event cross correlation
Intelligent Video Analytics can process millions of events to provide cross-correlation and trend analysis capabilities. Forensic search results on event and alert metadata can be analyzed on a histogram, heatmap, or a track summary view.
Advanced event visualization
Predefined events can be located and monitored on a graphical information system (GIS) map in the operator client user interface. You can also use the integrated video players to view recorded video footage of an event or activity that is under surveillance.
Open framework for integrating sensors and events streams
Intelligent Video Analytics has an open, standards-based, extensible architecture for a flexible, security-rich environment and can help to develop a comprehensive threat model that is customized to the business environment. There are several integration points within Intelligent Video Analyticsand the solution can be integrated with third-party specialized analytics, such as external license plate recognition and facial recognition systems.
Intelligent Video Analytics can also be customized to meet the specific needs and operational processes of your environment, and to also support any unique requirements specific to forensic search and alert response. For more information, see Customizing and extending the solution further.
Advanced system management capabilities
Intelligent Video Analytics provides a web-based globalized administrator client interface to help you to configure, customize, and fine-tune your environment. The administrator client provides a set of web-based tools to help you to manage the servers, database, logs, and other key parts of the system.

Both the operator and administrator client interfaces of Intelligent Video Analytics are web-based and globalized, allowing access to real-time and historical event data from the system anytime and anywhere.


Our  Intelligent Video Analytics helps increase the efficiency of physical security, public safety, and infrastructure management by turning digital video from an external video management system (VMS) into valuable information. Intelligent Video Analytics is a powerful video analytics solution that generates a rich set of metadata that describes moving objects in a stream of video of a monitored environment. The video metadata that Intelligent Video Analytics generates is indexed and stored in a database for future reference, supporting rapid searches, correlation, and analysis.

Intelligent Video Analytics helps video security operators to complete the following activities much faster and more efficiently:

Monitoring of live video security environments
Operators are alerted to events of interest as and when they are happening in real time.
Forensic searching on recorded video footage
Investigators are able to quickly find events and objects of interest that occurred in the past on recorded video.
Statistical analysis
Operators can complete statistical analysis of and identify patterns across hundreds of millions of past events and activities within a secured environment.

The broad capabilities of Intelligent Video Analytics can fully complement and enhance an existing security infrastructure to provide a proactive understanding of security vulnerabilities and the intelligence for defending against them.

Intelligent Video Analytics is highly extensible and is able to incorporate and pass data to and from other sensors, sources, and solutions. The analytic capabilities of Intelligent Video Analytics can be enhanced further through integration with external facial recognition and license plate recognition systems.


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