Professional Services

Wherever you are in the world we offer field service from over 1,200 locations across 550 cities and 95 countries.

Dace IT’s Professional Services Team has the expertise to implement your Business Intelligent and Video Analytic solutions. Dace IT’s Team offers configuration design, installation and implementation support services as well as custom Statements of Work (SOW) for complex solutions.  Dace It’s Professional Services team is trained and certified on IBM Business, Security and Intelligent Video Analytic solutions in addition to other industry leading products.

Dace Information Technology Solutions d/b/a the Computer Care Centers features custom computer programming services; computer facilities management services; computer systems Design; CCTV & network security cameras; and IT support professionals.

As a professional services based organization, the Computer Care Centers provides clients with computer network services, mobile computer solutions, computer support, computer repair services, IT support, computer help, pc repair, portable computer, computer tech, computer systems mobile devices, business computer repair, tech help, technology support, support computer and software upgrades.

Should you like to explore how our products and services can help your organization, or know of opportunities in which we could assist, please contact us.