SenseTraffic Pulse

On-Demand Intelligent Video Analytics

Another way to use Intelligent Video Analytics is to utilize the video meta data for business and public safety

Reviewing hours of video from dozen of cameras was hard, labor-intensive and time-consuming work. Now, Intelligent Video quickly analyzes a large amount of video data. Intelligent Video is clearly useful for surveillance and business but was expensive and complicated due to requiring high-performance servers and dedicated software.

Sense Traffic Pulse is a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy Intelligent Video Analytic solution based on computer-vision, copyrighted & patented coherent motion regions algorithm, software and partnered solutions featuring field-proven image processing technology which extracts the video meta-data. Allowing users access to a gold mine of data for all. Objects recorded on the video contains valuable information for improving marketing effectiveness, store operations, building layout designs, traffic patterns, Emergency Personnel and more.

Help Defend Public Safety!

Sense Traffic Pulse as a AMBER Response Tool
Now consumers have an additional tool to aide with AMBER Alerts.

View this video as Sense Traffic Pulse Autosnaps vehicles which can be posted to community public safety portals.

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