Cloud Ready Intelligent Video Analytic Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Cloud Ready Intelligent Video Analytics

On-demand Intelligent Video Analytic monthly subscription service where you load live and/or recorded video from external video management system onto AWS or Softlayer Virtual Machines without the need for Internal IT Departments to provision the service.

Sense Traffic Pulse flexible On-demand Intelligent Video Analytic subscriptions save you time and money and makes it possible for business managers and consumers to take advantage of the power of intelligent video analytic to gain business intelligence on customer behavior patterns and for increase awareness to help increase public safety.

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Dace IT’s Professional Services Group (PSG) has the expertise to implement On-demand Intelligent Video Analytic solutions for Business Intelligence.  Our PSG provide configuration design, installation and implementation support services as well as custom Statements of Work (SOW) for complex solutions.  Dace IT’s PSG team is trained and certified on IBM Security and Intelligent Video Analytic solutions in addition to other industry leading products.

Sense Traffic Pulse On-demand Intelligent Video Analytic deployments feature an end to end process that provides an analytic solution to satisfy customer requirements with an acceptable level of accuracy. The service is composed of 4 phases:

1. Requirements Analysis contains items that are the primary focus at the beginning of the customer engagement. These include finding out what the customer is trying to accomplish, defining analytic use-cases to meet those requirements, and consideration of system capabilities and limitations.

2. Design builds on material that is generated from the first phase, and determines appropriate camera views, sets of analytic components and alerts, for each use case. The process of determining camera views heavily depends on whether or not there is a camera network in place. If not, there is usually more flexibility regarding camera placement and positioning. In many cases, a customer will often want to set up cameras so they are conducive to human surveillance, which might not be the best setup for video analytics. Several example images that are described as problematic for automatic processing in Object Detection and Tracking Considerations came from cameras that were set up exclusively for consumption by humans.

3. Implementation performs the “real work”. In this phase the analytic system is created on the basis of the previous 2 phases.

4. Finally, in the Validation phase the design and implementation are vetted through various qualitative and quantitative methods. This validation helps to ensure that the required set of tasks is accomplished with an acceptable level of accuracy. This documented service provides a set of guidelines on how to perform Basic Object Analysis Validation.

Throughout the deployment, details can be recorded in a worksheet to help organize the effort. Material in the worksheet are also be repurposed for customer presentations. In theory, each of the 4 phases is followed sequentially, but in practice it is an iterative process. In this process earlier steps are refined or revisited based on knowledge that is obtained in later phases.


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