Introducing Dace IT On-demand Self Service Cloud Marketplace – A simplified and user-friendly one-stop shop offering comprehensive cloud solutions built on an unparalleled platform that combines best-of-breed providers, flexible payment models, and a powerful cloud management toolset.

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Dace IT Cloud Marketplace

In conjunction with our technology partner Avnet the Dace IT Cloud On Demand Self Service Marketplace features Amazon AWS and IBM Softlayer cloud based solutions for Software as a Service (SaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) Platform as a Service (PaaS) and subscription services for our Cloud Ready Intelligent Video Analytics as a Service offerings.

Dace IT On demand Cloud  On-Demand Self Service
Definition – What does On-Demand Self Service mean?

On-demand self service refers to the service provided by cloud computing vendors that enables the provision of cloud resources on demand whenever they are required. In on-demand self service, users accesses cloud services through an online control panel.

On-demand self service resource sourcing is a prime feature of most cloud offerings where the user can scale the required infrastructure up to a substantial level without disrupting the host operations.

Techopedia explains On-Demand Self Service

Cloud computing enables end users to provision computing power, storage, networks and software in a simple and flexible way. Most users begin by using limited resources and increase them over time. On-demand self service methodology authorizes users to request resources on run time. This transition mostly takes place immediately, although it can depend on the architecture and resource availability of the cloud provider.

On-demand self service is also related to utility computing and the pay-as-you-grow subscription method, where rather than pay for the entire production infrastructure, the user is billed only for the amount of resources used under a subscription-based billing method.

Through the Dace IT Cloud Marketplace customers can source, purchase and provision On-demand Intelligent Video Analytic, Business Intelligence, security as a service and software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Sense Traffic Pulse licensed and subscription software offered by Dace IT cloud marketplace. These bundled cloud products, and integrated packages consisting of software and appliance technology designed, deployed and billed together with cloud infrastructure as on-demand solutions.

The Dace IT Cloud Marketplace offers:

1.) Pay-as-you-go (consumption) and pay-upfront (subscription) transaction models.

2.) A platform that is cloud provider agnostic to provide more flexibility

3.) Models that don’t limit our customer’s options

4.) The removal of the middleman

5.) Automatic process; no lag

6.) Access to AWS and Softlayer services

7.) Automatic provisioning

8.) An interactive platform (videos, demos, give reviews)

9.) The offering of free trials and mobile enable solutions

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